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blockchain DAPP development

community Build up

WEb3 marketing

Tech company that best understand the Web3 ecosystem

It is composed of experts with skills in community building, blockchain development, Web3 marketing, data analysis, and Web3 project management. We will be your great partner and help your project succeed.

Do you need a solution to vitalize the community, such as blockchain dapps and Discord bots?

We have raffle system, NFT and token holder verification bot, Discord chat interlocking bot, NFT investment profit and loss analysis solution, etc.

Our expertise

We are developing various solutions and programs required for the web3 ecosystem.

Korea Web3 Community & Gaming Guild KARTEL

We are intimately connected with over 30+ Korean web3 KOLs.

Do you want to promote your project in Korea?

You can promote your project through Korea's best game community and KOL.